Kane Intentional Communication Training Program™

Trea's Intentional Communication journey began after he recognized that communication is the foundation upon which our relationships are built, including our relationship with ourselves. He is passionate about helping others transcend conditioned communication patterns that are no longer serving them, and witnessing the development of a new found courage and sense of freedom that results from Intentional Communication. 

Trea has spent the last several years honing his skills as a practitioner and instructor of Intentional Communication by working directly with Cynthia Kane, the founder of the Kane Intentional Communication Institute. See more about Intentional Communication below, and enroll in the 15-Week Kane Intentional Communication Program today!

A group coaching program for high-achieving individuals who are ready to experience more peace so they can show up authentically in their most important relationships.


A group coaching program where we help you

  • speak your truth even if you’re scared of the reaction
  • improve your relationships even if you feel it's impossible for things to be different
  • control your emotions even if you've been lead by them for 50+ years
  • become confident in decision making even if you don't know what you want or need right now
  • express yourself fully even if you don't think you can control your emotions

The training is for those who are ready to

starstop being passive aggressive, lashing out, shutting down, or taking things personally in their marriage, relationships with their children and at work

starspeak to their colleagues, employers, employees with more confidence and authenticity

starbecome more present with their children in their day-to-day interactions

starstop feeling trapped in the same conversation loop with their partner

starquiet the anxious thoughts and constant rumination

starstart asking for and receiving what they need in their most important relationships

starshow up in the way they want to for their partner, family, friends, children.

starget clarity, make decisions and have difficult conversations easily 

Kane Intentional Communication Training Program

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At the Kane Intentional Communication Training Program, we help our students sleep through the night, become less anxious, break the cycle of past relationships, own their voice, stand in their power, be more honest and expressive, make clear decisions, and not be lead by their emotion. 

Kane Intentional Communication Training Program

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